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Some points I would like to share on ISO 14001:2015

It’s published by International Organization for Standardization which specifies requirements for an environmental management system that an organization can use for enhancing its environmental performance.
  •  The standard does not give exact requirement regarding the environmental parameters. Normally, an organization has legal requirements as per the state or the country which they are obliged to abide by.
  •  The basic approach EMS is based on PDCA concept. Plan-Do-Check- Act. This can be applied to each elements in EMS individually.
  •  Risk based thinking is highly encouraged at certain points throughout the standard.
  •  There are various guidelines like ISO 14004: Environment General Guidelines, ISO 14010: Guidelines for Environmental Auditing, ISO 14044: Environmental management: Life Cycle Assessment and others. These are standards for reference purpose only and it helps the organization to obtain ISO 14001 certification. However, these guidelines are not for certification.


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